Canteen Licence Agreement

The first driver of the introduction and standardization of canteen agreements in schools was the Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act 2011. The ACT government has also launched a Healthy Living initiative, which has focused on ACT government schools, which has also been a driving force. The two drivers mentioned and with the guidelines for healthy school canteens – guidelines on food and beverages that are delivered in school canteens, it is important that we have these agreements that cover all these issues. The online application for a canteen license can be submitted here. The license costs $195.00 and is valid for one year. With regard to the creation and management of a cafeteria, schools must stick to the EDu: The EDu is in the process of formalizing agreements within schools. Canteens are one of the areas they are looking at and headquarters has collaborated with the ACT Government Solicitor`s Office (GSO) to set up a standard P-C-Deed in schools with canteens run by the P-C. Yes, it is something new for the EDu to obtain standard agreements for their school canteens. They could also insert a local rule into attachment rules 2 as follows: « In the case of P-C officers who are not available for cafeteria management due to unforeseen circumstances or illness, the school and the CDP would work together to resolve these problems and achieve the best possible outcome for the school and for the CEPs. » If the third-party supplier manages the kitchen while your business monitors the operation, the third-party supplier should have the license.

If the P-C provides care to your school before and after school, there is a standard licensing agreement that is introduced in our schools for this period. There is currently no agreement for other services, but the school and the P-C would be informed if further agreements were to be reached. Currently, most schools do not have agreements between the school and the CDP for Mensa schools. Under the new Act School Food and Drink Policy 2015, school canteens run either by parent and citizen associations or by private operators must enter into licensing agreements or contracts with the school. No no. Since prepared foods are for self-consumption and not for sale, this inn kitchen should not be licensed. An SFA licence would be required if the hostel kitchen was managed by an external operator to serve food to residents.