Custody Agreement Vertaling

In addition, there are custodians who, in addition to their child care activities, are counted. See Central Securities Depository. Global Custodian therefore provides all deposit services to investors worldwide. This means that a bank is responsible for providing all deposit services to the investor worldwide. This bank itself can also (partially) relocate this to regional deposit banks, but it is transparent to the client (investor). In all cases, it will use local sub-depositorys to carry out the transactions themselves. Custody services can be offered at different levels. For an international portfolio investor, it is almost impossible to follow the rules in all countries, for example with regard to dividend distribution or withholding tax on the dividend. To answer these questions, this investor may designate a Comprehensive European Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Decisions on Children and on the Restoration of Custody of Children. the fact that the convict has fled prison without Global Custodian must open at least one investment account to the international investor operating in each country in which he operates. Second, the investor does not work with a global administrator, but with local directors. You can see it when it comes to one or two countries, but when it becomes global, the number of contact points is no longer manageable, the options of Global Custody or Regional Custody are more obvious.

The typical activities of a custodian are the preservation and management of securities for the name of others. The following services are often added: . Common Words: 1-300, 301-600, 601-900, Plus The collected pot again consists of two different deposits: The Overnight Securities Act (WGE), introduced in 1977, provided the legal basis for the absence of numbering and for effective retention and effective trading of securities. Stock transactions can then be carried out as changes in management, the physical transport of securities is obsolete.