Distance Selling Regulations Tenancy Agreements

It is clear that a credit agreement does not apply to a lease and that the rules on distance selling were amended in 2014 and leases were excluded from the rules. This means that your tenant, if he signs on the dot line, is legally bound by the terms of the lease. Legally, you could insist that the tenant respect the lease he signed and he would have no legal choice but to do so. If you have breached any aspect of the agreement by not having paid the rent on the due date or by subletting the property, if there is a clause that prohibits them from doing so, you are fully within the scope of your right to issue a notification under section 8 to leave the property, or you can wait up to four months after the lease agreement and issue a section 21 notification. with a view to their departure after six months. This guide contains information on remote purchases made in the UK on or before 12 June 2014. Since European directives (as the name suggests) are directives and therefore are not very detailed, this is not a very useful approach. There are instructions on how the rules are perceived by the government, but that also has its shortcomings. Given that a lease is that strange mix of land law and contract law, I don`t see why tenants shouldn`t be bound by the contractual terms, when that wasn`t stipulated in any actual rental deed.