Faro Scene License Agreement

Use this option if you have an existing license, but it hasn`t been updated automatically. If you continue to view error messages, use the manual update process below. The FARO® (SLA or EULA) licensing agreement is a legal agreement between users of software or hardware products FARO and FARO Technologies, Inc. It defines the terms and conditions of use of your FARO product, purchase conditions, warranties and liability limitations, intellectual property infringements, service and maintenance policies and much more. Make sure you know the terms of the agreement before using your FARO product. Use this option to generate one. File C2V. This file is unique to your computer and is used to activate a license manually. But renting registration software can`t just be useful if you rent a laser scanner. For example, if you have a digital scanning job abroad and only a FARO Scene computer license, software rental can be very advantageous because you can already check in on site. With our dongle licenses, you can be flexible to the maximum. The following instructions assume that SCENE has been installed and authorized on the source computer and that SCENE is installed on the receiver computer with a license that has not yet expired.

Once the test license has expired, you cannot run these instructions successfully. Contact FARO support. If you purchase SCENE, you will receive a license key as a dongle/portlock or as a product key as you enter the software. The key allows you to get software updates for a period of time. This license agreement applies to listed FARO software products and all FARO hardware products. To manually update an existing key, create a . File C2V and send it to the FARO automated licensing system. The system will send you an email with a voucher.

V2C file attached. By applying this file, the license keys stored on your computer or dongle will be updated. The following instructions assume that SCENE is installed and authorized on the source PC and that the receiving PC has a scene version with a valid test license. When the trial license has expired, you will need to contact FARO support. To activate a product key manually, create and send a . AR file to the FARO automated licensing system. The system responds with a. V2C file that is required to activate your license. If you update a license manually, FARO support will give you a .

File V2C. Use this option to navigate. File V2C and update your license. To help you manage the keys, SCENE has an integrated licensing manager. It allows you to add, activate, manage, update and transfer keys, and verify information such as the type of license and expiry date. If you`ve just downloaded and installed a SCENE upgrade and you have an up-to-date warranty, follow these instructions. To make sure your warranty is up to date, check FARONOW`s status. If your warranty is not up to date, click here to buy an extension, then go to the manual product key update section in this article to apply the update and extend the time for your existing key.