Tresorit Data Processing Agreement

If the e-mail contact is intended to conclude a contract, the legal basis for the treatment is Article 6, paragraph 1, point b) of the RGPD. We remove data generated in this context as soon as storage is no longer needed, or restrict processing within legal conservation obligations. However, some storage obligations arise from commercial and tax law. In accordance with the legal provisions, documents are kept for 6 years after Article 257, paragraph 1 of the Code of Commerce (e.g.B. business cheques) and for 10 years under Article 147, paragraph 1 of the Customs Code (tax code- « AO ») (e.g. B economic and commercial letters, tax documents). When your website analytics service collects the personal data of people in the EU, you must ensure that your processing activities are in compliance with the RGPD (even if you are not in the EU). As a data protection analytics service, Matomo makes this extremely easy. You can set up Matomo so that all user data is automatically anonymized, which in principle exempts you from the RGPD (at least in terms of site analysis). Even if you don`t want to anonymize the data, Matomo offers a set of RGPD compliance tools that will help you achieve it effectively.

With this robust and functional platform, SMEs, large companies and solo entrepreneurs never have to worry about the security and integrity of their data. Tresorit`s end-to-end encryption is responsible for most of the data protection and security within the organization. Cloud applications make your life more comfortable. However, you can create risks for your data. In accordance with the RGPD, as the processing manager, you are responsible for protecting all personal data that you manage throughout the lifecycle of the treatment. If you contact us by email, the data you provide (your email address, depending on your case your name and phone number) will be backed up by us to answer your questions. The legal basis for processing data transmitted in connection with the sending of an e-mail is Article 6, paragraph 1, point f), of the RGPD for general requests. The Tresorit is not so overcrowded with functions and tools compared to other products in its class.

The key areas in which the cloud-based solution really shines are its end-to-end encryption functions and the quality level of its client software. If you`re looking for a cloud-based file sync, sharing and storage service that provides robust data security, Tresorit can be exactly what you`re looking for. AirVPN is an open source project launched in Italy in 2010 and managed by activists dedicated to online data protection. This VPN offers users several unique transparency features, such as the ability. B to check the bandwidth. AirVPN does not need the personal data of its users and does not record the traffic of its users. With the introduction of the EU`s General Data Protection Regulation, data security requirements are becoming increasingly complex, as the RGPD has introduced expanded obligations for any company that handles personal data relating to affected individuals in the EU. You are currently visiting our website. Below, we would like to inform you of the collection of personal data when using our website

In addition to the information contained in this section, all section 1 provisions apply. A slightly less user-friendly option is Open Web Analytics. However, the advantage of the OWA is that the service is open source and is free for everyone. OwA not only allows you to anonymize IP addresses, but also give you ownership of your data. By holding your analysis data, you can ensure that it is not used for purposes contrary to the RGPD. If you want to rate things in the workplace, your notes may contain names, email addresses or other personal data protected by the RGPD. Yes, even paper notes are subject to data protection legislation. Standard Notes is a simple note app that vo