Va Lease Agreement

A. The owner of real estate located in a location where a military air facility is located or anyone authorized to enter into a lease agreement on his behalf must communicate in writing to a potential tenant that the property is located in a noise zone or accident-free zone or both, as indicated by the locality on its official land use card. This disclosure is made before the execution of a tenancy agreement written by the tenant or, in the case of an oral tenancy agreement, before the tenant has occupied. The indication must indicate the noise zone or accident risk zone in which the property is located, in accordance with the official land use map of the site. Any disclosure provided in accordance with this section, containing inaccurate information about the location of the noise zone or the risk of an accident, is considered undisclosed, unless the inaccurate information is provided by an official or staff member of the location of the property. C. The tenancy agreement is considered terminated by the lessor on the anniversary of the death of the tenant who is the sole tenant under a written tenancy agreement that still resides in the unit of the dwelling, and the lessor is not required to obtain an injunction from a competent court. The tenant`s estate remains responsible for the actual damage afterwards. 55.1-1251, and the owner will mitigate this damage.

A. In addition to the terms of the tenancy agreement, the tenant: « security deposit » has any refundable deposit that a tenant makes available to a lessor to ensure compliance with the terms of a tenancy agreement, as a guarantee of damage for rented premises or as a pet deposit. However, this money is considered an application deposit until the start of the lease. The « safety deposit » does not include damage or rental insurance, as defined in the provisions of , 55.1-1206, which was acquired by a landlord to cover a tenant. B. All information provided by an owner in accordance with . 55.1-1203, remain a confidential minutes of tenants and are not disclosed to individuals unless it is a subpoena. J. Each lessor may designate one or more damage insurance, whose landlord accepts damage insurance instead of a security deposit.

These insurers must be listed in the written rental agreement. A. No landlord or administrator may disclose to third parties information about a potential tenant or tenant in the possession of the lessor or executive agent, unless individual families, semi-detached houses, condominiums and condominiums owned and leased 4 units or less are exempt from the VRLTA. A. When a tenant who still lives in the dwelling unit under a written tenancy agreement dies and no person is entitled, by order of the district court, to deal with the estate issues for the deceased tenant, the landlord may dispose of the personal property left in the dwelling unit or on the site.