Wild West Domains Registration Agreement

NOTE: Wild West domains automatically block domain names 30 days after unlocking. Wild West Domains provides services to resellers and does not allow non-reseller customers to register domains directly with them. If a WHOIS search indicates that Wild West is a registrar`s domain, the domain itself is most likely registered by one of its many dealers. YOU`ll find WHOIS information for domains with Automattic as a registrar for record at whois.sawbuck.com. If you register a new domain on WordPress.com or transfer an existing domain to WordPress.com, you will be displayed and you will agree to a domain registration agreement. If you don`t notice it, don`t worry! You can WordPress.com anytime. If you have chosen to register private domains, please see the table below to determine the terms of service for privacy/proxy that apply to you. To determine the registration agreement for a domain you have registered: NOTE: If you use a third-party DNS as your hosting company, domain transfer does not cause downtime problems (because the settings of the DNS server do not change during the transfer). The first step is to find out which name servers you need to use for your HostGator hosting account. This varies depending on the server and the type of hosting. You will find the instructions to find your DNS in the following article: You must visit the website or contact the dealer from whom you registered your domain to change the DNS. Because Wild West Domains offers an API to resellers, reseller sites can vary widely. Therefore, it is difficult to give specific instructions that work in all Wild West dealers.

If the retailer uses the website provided by Wild West Domains, the following instructions may work for you: If you need special help on your account, please contact our support team. Thank you very much. The location varies depending on the Wild West domain dealers. Although HostGator cannot change third party DNS on your behalf, we can give you instructions on this. So you can change your DNS at Wild West Domains. Before you submit a transfer request, please receive the Auth/EPP code (if any) from Wild West Domains, make sure the domain is spilled and that the domain contact information is valid and up-to-date. No code or tag is required for TLD transfers that are not the ones mentioned above. Because HostGator is not linked to Wild West Domains or its resellers, you should contact Wild West Domains or the dealer for support if you need support on the site. A place to search for WHOIS information for a domain is: We are pleased with your comments, questions, corrections and additional information about this article.

Your comments may take time. Please note that app-of-the-way comments are deleted. If you don`t know which Wild West domain dealer you bought the domain from, this information is sometimes listed in WHOIS searches.