Brand Agreement

Below is an example of the steps in the process for licensed products: a company may choose to license its trademark(s) if it believes there is strong consumer acceptance for brand extensions or products. For example, when Apple launched the iPod, there was an immediate need for accessories such as headphones, charging and syncing stations, and carrying bags. Apple has decided not to manufacture these products and to have the products manufactured by a licensee. Apple could thus offer « Earbud Headphones » related to the brand, « iPod Docking Stations » and « iPod Socks ». Each is manufactured by a separate company, but offers the consumer an elegant solution. All these accessories are sold by licensees. The leading international trade association for brand licensing is the Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association, which sponsors the annual Licensing International Expo. Brand partnership or co-branding is a popular marketing technique that is used to transfer the success of a brand to partner brands. In the case of co-branding, a partner offers their branded product in combination with another company`s branded product, for example. B in a fast food restaurant offering a branded toy for a meal. Co-branding can also occur when partners physically combine their separate branded products to create a new and unique product shared by the partners, for example.

B the mixture of a branded dental paste with a branded port water. Individual brands don`t have to be the same in the market, but the relationship should be obvious to consumers. Brand licensing in Italy started in the 70s with very few licensing agencies. Apart from Disney, which had its own office in the market, all the other major entertainment majors were represented by independent agencies. Founded in 1973 by Gianfranco Mari, one of these companies, DIC 2 (Distribution International Characters), has contributed to the creation of licenses in Italy and the creation of great phenomena such as He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Hanna & Barbera characters, Zorro, Asterix, etc. DIC 2 is still one of the largest independent agencies in Italy, which represents different cartoon characters and famous brands. Examples of intangible assets are a song (« Somewhere Over The Rainbow »), a character (Donald Duck), a name (Michael Jordan) or a brand (The Ritz-Carlton). An agreement for the licensing of a trademark requires a license agreement. A license agreement authorizes a company that markets a product or service (a licensee) to rent or lease a trademark by a trademark owner who operates a licensing program (a licensor). [2] As part of a brand partnership, partner companies often cooperate in their marketing efforts to jointly market their related products. The partners collaborate to create the PhD, which requires less work on the part of each partner and shares the benefits of the jointly marketed offer. The draft loan agreement contains information about borrowers, lenders, loans, terms and a signature for both parties….