Commodatum Agreement Definition

THE COMMO DATE IS ESSENTIALLY FREE A. A commo date is essentially free b. The contract is deleted as the date of commo if an indemnity must be paid by the borrower who acquires the use. A commo date is similar to a donation because it provides a benefit to the recipient2. THE EXTENT OF THE RIGHT TO USE THE LEASE LEASE IS LIMITED TO THE BORROWED THING AND NOT TO THE FRUITS, unless otherWISE PROVIDED. The bailor being the owner of the borrowed thing, the Bailor is naturally entitled to its fruits3. CAN THERE BE A PROVISION THAT GRANTS THE BAILEE THE USE OF THE FRUIT? Of course. The law sanctions such a provision, BUT such use should only be incidental and not the main cause of the contract. Indeed, if this is the main cause, the contract may be that of a usufruct.4. The purpose of a commo date is the temporary use of loans. If the guarantor is not entitled to the use of the borrowed thing, the contract may be the surety5.

The THEME is usually a non-consumable thing, real or personal. It may be that the lens is only used to exhibit the borrowed thing. If this is the case, the object of a consumable may be6. The Bailor must NOT BE THE OWNER OF THE BORROWED THING 7. The commo date is of a purely personal nature. Therefore:a. The death of the Bailors or the Bailee expires; b. The guarantor may not lend the object of the contract or lease it to third parties. However, members of the surety`s household may make use of the borrowed thing, unless there is a provision to the contrary or the nature of the matter prohibits its use. What drove you to look for commodatum? Please let us know where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). Art. 1935.

Jones`Bailm. 118. According to the Louisiana Code, art. 2864, it is an agreement where by which a person delivers a thing to another person, uses it according to its natural purpose or, in accordance with the agreement, under the obligation of the borrower to return it after using it. . . .