Subject Verb Agreement Class 10 Solutions

Sentence 2 is false because the verb « were » is wrongly agreed with the name « apples » near it. It`s a proximity error. Instruction: Two or more singular names linked by `et` are normally followed by a plural verb. 15. Mathematics (is, are) John`s favorite subject, while Civics (is) Andreas the preferred subject. Complete the next sentence. All the names in the sentences above take the plural verb. Explanation: If the subjects related to « or » or « nor » are different people, the verb must personally agree with the subject behind it. Economics is an important topic in the second cycle of secondary education. Semi-modal verbs – Use semi-modal verbs: need, dare, ought, used. They are verbs that have some of the properties of lexical verbs and some of the signs of modal verbs. Examples: 17.

When a single subject is connected by a singular subject, as well as, in addition, except, etc. with another name or pronoun, we use a singular verb. 16. Some substantives precede many, many, many, many, many, etc. These names take a singular verb if they refer to quantity or quantity. But they take a plural verb when they refer to the number: (ii) The second singular or plural person takes a singular verb: 6. Long subject: If a clause or a long group of words is the subject, we must ensure that the verb is consistent with the theme: Question 6. Fill the spaces with the correct verb in parenthesis: (a) math… It`s my favorite subject.

(b) politics………………. Not my cup of tea. c) The poet and philosopher Rahim ……………. He`s dead. (d) Mohan no less than you……………… (is/are) guilty. (e) This message………………. It`s not true.

Bread and butter…………………. It`s my favorite breakfast. Answer: (a) is (b) is (c) is (d) is (f) is 9. Distances, weights, etc.: For distances, weight, amount or sums of money, we use a singular verb, even if the theme is plural: 11. Plural nouns with singular Meaning: Nouns that are plural in shape, but singular in the singular sense, usually take a singular verb: B.3. Will the following take a plural verb or a singular verb? What for? The United States of America, 500 rupees, a number of people, Arab nights, a few friends, half of us, the majority of the committee members, a band of robbers, a herd of cattle. Answer: All of these, with the exception of Arab nights, a band of bandits and a herd of cattle, take a plural because the people or things to which they relate are plural. If a singular verb is used, it will in any case spoil the meaning of the sentence. 5. One of the plural nobiss: If the subject is composed of a plural Nobiss, the verb is singular: A. 1. Read the following dialogue.

First, you emphasize the word or words that represent the subject in each sentence of the dialogue. Then turn the verbs to which each subject refers. (One thing was done for you as an example) Answer: A. In each of the following lines, a verb does not match the theme. Point out the wrong verb and write it correctly. B.4. Circle the subject and connect it with a verb that follows it 21. If some names are considered an entity, they adopt a singular verb: 8. Two or more names: If two or more names act as subjects, a plural verb is used: Declaration: If singular subjections are bound by `or`, `ni……… nor ` and `or……… They are followed by a singular verb.

Will the following take a plural verb or a singular verb? What for? B.1. Work in pairs. Write five questions with some of the names listed in B.